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Underoath_2004I’m a huge music lover. My bread and butter is rock but I also love Reggae, R&B, Blues, Classical, Vocal music, and even Jazz and Bluegrass in small doses. As mentioned though, I love Rock the most; hard-driving, intense, hacked-off, loud rock.

I never really liked Heavy Metal growing up. Some of my favorites  were: Jimi Hendrix, The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Little Feat, Led Zepplin, and Sly and the Family Stone. In the 80’s I inexplicably fell in love with Disco, then Rap and as Rap became increasingly vulgar, I slowly turned back to Rock. As I and  most of my peers started listening to Classic Rock and turning their nose up to the new Rock  a funny thing happened. Kellye’s cousin Preston, a few years younger than myself, ( he and I had always sent each other music), sent me a cassette tape (yeah) of Pantera. He said in the  accompanying note; that it would seem extremely heavy but to give it a chance. It was and I did,  it slowly grew on me, and before long I was listening and enjoying all sorts of thrash, hard rock, and Metal.

Then I heard POD and everything changed.

Before that a  friend of mine was always ragging on me and saying; how could I listen to the music I did ( Sevendust, White Zombie, Godsmack, Slipknot, etc.) and be a strong Christian? My standard comeback was that I just enjoyed the music, and that I didn’t listen to the lyrics, most that you couldn’t understand anyway. He did cause me to start feeling pangs of conscious however. I heard about a good music edit program that I downloaded  and  started editing all the bad stuff out of the songs. I did that for a couple of years, drawing much ribbing from Raleigh for my  pitiful editing skills, butchering to pieces songs like House of Pain’s Jump, and Manson’s Mobscene. Anyway, back to POD.  I got into them and others: Blindside, Living Sacrifice and  realized that there was tons of good music out there where I didn’t have to listen to a bunch of cussing, dark lyrics, devilish subject matter, and just plain darkness.  Matter of fact, the more I investigated and searched , I found there was absolutely a barrage of  such music out there.

Below I  have listed my favorite bands. I hope, if you haven’t heard some or any of the them, you’ll check them out. Their MySpace sites are a good place to sample, or  ITunes.

I’ve listed first the group, a brief description, Hardmeter (10 would be the heaviest possible and 1 would be peaceful, chilled out, devo music), my favorite 2 songs by the group, the best line or the best part, the CD it comes from, and then a few songs that are really good but didn’t make my top 2.

Caveat #1. My definition of a Christian band. Most of the bands are not “Christian ” bands, i.e. that would be on the top 10 Christian sellers for the week or up for Dove awards. I don’t think any on the list are, maybe with the exception of Pillar. The MO for these bands is that most or all of the band members are Christians and their songs are about God and/or living the Christian life. There lyrics range from bold, in your face, calling you out Christian lyrics, and testimony ( Sleeping Giant) to very vague lyrics that you wouldn’t even know were about God unless you were a fan of the band (Underoath).

Caveat  #2:  Bone up on your internet lyric -finding skills because you’re going to need that with most of these bands.

Sleeping Giant

Every song  SG does is about God’s Kingdom, every one. They’re not vague about it either. Hard meter 8 on the hardest stuff but they have several chill-type praise tunes; O Praise Him, He Will Reign. If you want to get revived in your faith and like this kind of music, these guys are the ticket.

Whoremonger Scripture: Proverbs 7: 6-27  Best part/Line ” Hell  relinquish your hold on my Sons”  CD Dread Champions of the Last Days

Descending Into Hell Scripture: James 1:27  Best Line “You know what’s unbiblical? It’s Jesus sitting in some blackened room.” CD Sons of Thunder

Honorable Mention: King of Kings, The Streets Don’t Lie

Norma.Jean-band-2009Norma Jean

NJ’s CD’s have gradually got less hard with each successive one.Their absolute hardest, brutal, math core-esque was their 1st 2 cds which feature the top 2 most played songs on my ITunes account: Memphis Will be Laid to Waste, and Face: Face. Their CD Redeemer is still hard but the most blatantly Christian. Hard meter: 8

A Small Spark vs A Great Forest Scripture; James 3:1-12  Best Line : “Oh how we curse, tongue is a flame, let there be Grace”  CD Redeemer

The End of All Things Will be Televised Scripture: Revelation 21  Best Line: ” Out comes the Mercy, shutting down Hell”,” Captain, the ship is sinking, Have Mercy”. CD Redeemer

Honorable Mention:  Face Face, Memphis Will be Laid to Waste, Amnesty Please.

War of Ages

Wonderful band. So sincere. Check out front man Leroy Hamp’s testimony. Good,  Pennsylvania, power metal/christiancore with some serious guitar work and real praise of God. Very inspirational lyrics. Hardmeter 7

One Day Best Line: Chorus:  “God save Me”  CD: War of Ages

My Solitude Best line: ” my life is not in vain, proved by the stripes on his back” CD War of Ages

Honorable Mention: Guide for the Helpless, Stone by Stone


There 1st 3-4  CD’s were their most in your face Christian: Snuff the Punk (my all time favorite cover art), Brown, The Fundamental Elements of Southtown,  and Satellite. All those are still frequent visitors in my CD player.

Hard meter 5.5

Run Scripture: Psalm 13 (word for word)   Best line “I will sing to You, my Lord, for You have been so good to me”  CD Snuff the Punk

Tribal Warriors Best Line “Holding the stars, is the man who carries my scars”. CD The Fundamental Elements of Southtown

Honorable Mention: Southtown, Outcast, Anything Right, Portrait

As I Lay Dying

Very hard but just as with just about all Christian heavy music, it has a goodness, a wholesomeness that non-Christian bands noticeably lack. You would think that would be true huh? You definitely need the lyric sheet with these guys and it makes it all the more awesome when you find out what they’re saying alongside such monster guitar riffs and frenetic drum runs. Hardmeter 9

Collision Best Line:” I want you to know, how much it means to have you in my life. I could never forget You. I will never be the same”. CD Frail Words Collapse

Distance is Darkness Best Line: How quickly I forget, that this is meaningless” CD Frail Words Collapse

Honorable Mention: 94 Hours, Through Struggle, Meaning in Tragedy

Life in Your Way

Jordans favorite band. They, even though scream-rock, have a very wholesome quality which exudes goodness and love ( see songs below) We’ve seen these guys live several times and have been very impressed with them off-stage. They have a holler-guy and a sing guy like a lot of hardcore bands these days. Hard meter 6.5

Salty  Grave Best Part: The Hymn, I Love You Lord halfway into the song. CD: Waking Giants

Threads of Sincerity Best Part: “Everywhere I go, everywhere my feet take me, Your compassion never fails me CD: Waking Giants

Honorable Mention: The Beauty of Grace, We Don’t Believe, Reach the End


These guys went from really screaming, hardcore on their 1st CD: A Thought Crossed my Mind (HM 9) to a lot less harsh , commercial-friendly singing style on Silence (HM 5). After that, they’ve gone too commercial, and lamed out. Those 1st 2 CD’s are good though, especially Silence which is packed with great stuff. Hardmeter See above

Cute Boring  Love Song is About: Lust  CD Silence

Act Best Line ” Shift into a higher gear, place a brick on the gas. On what I left behind, I won’t shed a tear, My rear view mirror has got broken glass”. CD A Thought Crushed My Mind

Honorable Mention: Pitiful, Sleepwalking, Caught a Glimpse, King of the Closet


These guys are probably the most commercially popular of anyone on my list, their CD’s going high up the Billboard charts, Grammy awards, and Gold records. My favorite cd is Define the Great Line which is really good, packed with killer songs. My next favorite is They’re Only Chasing Safety. Their earlier stuff is  Hardcore Screamo which I don’t really love. These guys headlined the Warped Tour when it was in Nashville a few years ago.They’re the real deal musically. Hardmeter 7

In Regards To Myself, Casting Such a Thin Shadow  CD: Define the Great Line

Honorable Mention: Returning Empty Handed, A Moment Suspended in Time,Young and Aspiring


I bought this CD early in my Christian Rock evolution,unheard, on the recommendation of some 13 year old hardcore/Christian kid at one of Jordans soccer games when he was about 10. I got home with it, cranked it up, heard the Living Sacrifice version of the devo-song I am Not My Own and freaked out. It was about the most awesome thing I had ever heard! Praise to God in absolutely SLAMMING, breakdown, monster riff, stop-start beats, with absolutely no commercial ambitions, only to crank as hard as possible and to glorify God. Wow. Hardmeter 9

Not My Own Best Line Born again, born again, LIFE. Born again, born again, PEACE. Born again, born again, LOVE , I am not my own”. CD The Hammering Process

Reborn Empowered: Best Line:Reborn empowered,All strongholds broken,Old ways have died,Given new life.CD In Memoriam

Pax 217

This band is broken up now.Their music is a really good; So-Cal, optimistic, blend of rock,rap with a little reggae thrown in.Their name “Pax” is Latin for Peace, and 217 stands for Ephesians 2:17.They sound a lot like the old rap/rock band 311. I wish they hadn’t broken up. The song No place Like Home breaks my heart. Hardmeter 4

No Place Like Home. About: Divorce. Best Line: “Mom and Dad come back around” CD Twoseventeen

I’ll See You  CD Engage

Honorable Mention: Prizm, Engage, PSA, Move On This.

JESUSOh Sleeper

One of Raleigh’s favorite bands.Wow.These guys are like listening to a hard rock representation of the book of Revelation.You’ll just have to check them out to see what I mean. Their music is a little too intense for over a couple of songs at a time for me personally.Their guitar-virtuoso rating is very high,with ex-Between the Buried an Me guitarist Shane Blay leading the way, shearing off monster riff lines. Raleigh has met these guys and says they appear to be the real deal, really friendly, accessible, humble, and God fearing. 

Vices Like Vipers  Best Line: (hard to decide) Like the Viper, I kept when You said “Let Go”.  “Take my lust, this world’s love. Great Counselor, take what’s left, Great Counselor, take what’s left…..of me.” CD When I am God

To Flagship  Best Line: “As the Sons of the first King, the Sons of Flagship” CD When I am God

Honorable Mention Son of the Morning,We are the Archers, Building the Nations


Fireproof is my favorite with their preceding cd, Above, my next favorite which was pure rap/rock.Pillar is now more pure rock as in Where do We Go From Here, another good offering from start to finish. They’ve kind of went the commercial route and sold out since. Hardmeter 4

Fireproof Best Line ” I tried to tell you but you wouldn’t be quiet, I am FIREPROOF.”  CD Fireproof

Live for Him  Best Line ” We’re battle soldiers caught in spiritual warfare , fighting’ for the souls of the lost in this dark nightmare “. CD Above

Honorable Mention: You Should Know, Frontline, You Simply Loved


A local band, now broken up, they are actually a few Belmont guys.This is very good stuff, especially for a local band. I saw them a couple of times. Their front man had a penchant for jumping off really high places during their performances. I always see their little bearded guitarist in the pit at local shows. Check out the history of their band name Sophia. Hardmeter 7

Suffocating the Magpie  Best Part: “I called you my Daughter, I called you my Mother, Forgive us, my sister, I am the curse“. CD My Morning; Migration

Prison Epistle Abridged Best Part: I am the poorest one if I give all I have to follow You Father” CD My Hands, My Greedy Hands

Honorable Mention: The Dove’s Solemn Hymn, Desertification

The Showdown

These guys are from Elizabethtown Tn. Their 1st CD A Chorus of Obliteration (HM 9) was really heavy but their 2nd Temptation Comes My Way (HM 6.5) is more Southern Heavy Rock, way, way more melodic with very little screaming. Great guitar work.

Head Down,  I Victim   CD Temptation Comes My Way

A Monument Encased in Ash This song is about the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah. Yes, awesome.

Haste the Day

This group has a good mix of screaming (almost a screech) and singing, and really good guitar driven, breakdown, hardcore rock. They are one of Raleigh’s favorites. He saw them, and As I Lay Dying at one show. Wow. Their name comes from the lyrics in the Hymn It is Well With my Soul. I read this: they asked a band member to leave the band because he no longer believed in Christ and they didn’t feel that worked with their purpose as a band. You wouldn’t think of that type commitment when you hear these guys because they are so hard but that’s  why we shouldn’t judge by appearances. ;0) Hardmeter 8.5

Walk On, When Everything Fails,  CD When Everything Fails

American Love  CD Burning Bridges

Honorable Mention Pressure the Hinges, Chorus of Angels

AS I LAYThe Best of the Rest

August Burns Red

Bloodlined Calligraphy

Devil Wears Prada

Gwen Stacy

A Plea For Purging

I Am Terrified

Get Your Guns

Once Nothing

Demon Hunter

Project 86



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OK. I started it with my last post. A few good people asked me; OK, what can we do? Here’s a few sites I’ve been told about. This is step 2. Finding out, getting some info. If anyone has some more resources, please post it. Hopefully this is just the beginning.

“The Master came to set the captives free”  Isaiah/Matthew/Sleeping Giant

Descending Into Hell

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children4According to an article I read, over 20,000 children in the US are abducted each year and sold into sex slavery. I had no idea. God through James the writer tells us that if we are Christians, and that if we claim to follow Jesus that true religion in the sight of God the Father says that we  should be very concerned about this.

I got the Christian hardcore band “Sleeping Giant’s” new cd the other day: Sons of Thunder. On it, they have a song titled “Descending into Hell”. It’s about child sex slavery. Here’s the lyrics, read them all the way to the end:

I’m rigged to Fire, and I’m set to blow
I cannot live in this state, break down the doors smash every window, to help the orphans escape
What would Jesus do?
I think illuminate
You know what’s “unbiblical?”
That’s Jesus sitting sitting in some blackened room
These people live so violated and we’re concerned with church agendas Oh My God
Pure religion says I fight this war
The hidden millions in our own back yard, exploited masses These kids are all alone, waiting for someone
I tell you what’s “biblical” the master came to set the captive free, and we should be like him, we will worship and pray, then instigate their release!
I can’t see Jesus in this Pollutes my trust, it fills my heart with hate
I hear their muffled screams, these children terrified
God what is right, I cant stand by and…
I refuse to stand by in this house of fear, its innocent kids who pay the real price, in the House of Fear
Take back every throw away life from the House of Fear
Cant live for myself as innocence dies, in the House of Fear!
Holy God Where are you in the dark and hidden place?
How can I sleep when children live as slaves, these are your people Oh God
Ill pray and Ill move, Father say the Word!
Cause this is unspeakable, slithering darkness but Ill bring the light
And by the morning they’ll all be gone, given the chance to lead a different life
Descending into Hell
Cause these Kids are for sale, we walk into Hell
For those locked in a cell, we walk into Hell
Some can’t speak for themselves, we walk into Hell
Even Jesus himself walked into Hell


Wow. What an incredible song. You may not like the music,its really heavy, but the words really hit me hard.

What would Jesus do? So many times we use this question in the negative: what would Jesus not do? He wouldn’t get mad all the time,he wouldn’t watch that movie,he wouldn’t react that way. Maybe we need to start asking that question more in the positive. What would Jesus do? Would Jesus get involved if he knew he could help save a child from being abducted? I’m thinking: dadgum right He would.

You know what’s “unbiblical?”

That’s Jesus sitting sitting in some blackened room
These people live so violated and we’re concerned with church agendas Oh My God

Pure religion says I fight this war

Conservative Christians, and I’m one, we get so caught up in what’s scriptural, adding and subtracting from the Word of God, doing bible things in bible ways. And that’s good, to be zealous for God’s Word. But in the context of this song, to be that way,and ignore injustice and suffering….. I’m pretty sure God isn’t pleased.

I refuse to stand by in this house of fear, its innocent kids who pay the real price, in the House of Fear. What’s he talking about, in the house of fear? What’s he talking about, in the house of fear? I’m not sure but to get involved with rescuing kids and teenagers from sex slavery might get a little dicey, dealing with some pretty serious scumbags. I’m sure it would be the best idea to get the authorities involved in most cases but there might come a time when you might have to take some risks to rescue someone. Maybe that’s what he’s talking about.
Cause these Kids are for sale, we walk into Hell
For those locked in a cell, we walk into Hell
Some can’t speak for themselves, we walk into Hell
Even Jesus himself walked into Hell

I tell you what, these guys have a way with words. This song has got me so fired up to do good. There are so many kids that need somebody to help them, to rescue them, to mentor them, to guide them, to listen to them, to pay them a little attention.

Even Jesus himself walked into Hell.