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Lutherans to Debate Gay Clergy

Posted in Miscellaneous with tags , , on August 17, 2009 by mccoolio


An article in the paper today examines whether the nations largest Lutheran denomination will allow people in same-sex relationships to serve as pastors. One of the revisions of their ministry standards to try to get this passed is to: Let congregations employ gay and lesbian people in “committed” relationships as clergy. This is what one of their Bishops said about differences over homosexuality:       ” They are driven more by the hysteria in the culture than by what  Scripture says. If someone tried to argue this is going to be the test as to whether we are scriptually faithful or not, that’s a hard argument to make because Scripture says so little about homosexuality”

I really don’t get it.

There’s a lot of activities we humans can participate in.I believe we have  a Creator that is interested in how we live our lives and not only that, He has given us a guidebook for us to live by, and in that guide book  He makes it pretty clear what He likes and doesn’t, things we should do and things we shouldn’t.

Now I know that we who are believers in God all have faults, weaknesses, blind spots, monkeys on our back, skeletons in our closets, black eyes, warts, nasty habits, etc., etc. But I believe that scriptures are true that say: If we walk in the Light as He is in the light, then the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin and  He is faithful and just and that if we confess our sins He  will forgive  them.

That said, here’s some problems I have with this whole gays -out-in- church thing. And also let me say this, I’m not a homophobic. I have several gay friends. I love them as much as a lot of my other friends. But  if they were my Christian brothers or sisters, I would have to tell them that God’s word clearly teaches that they have to abandon that lifestyle, abandon their homosexuality, if they want to please God. The bible clearly teaches that if they wanted to live in good standing with other Christians and God they  would have to try to give up that lifestyle, just like if they were in an immoral heterosexual relationship, or if they were involved in some scam, or if they were constantly going out and getting drunk, or if they had a really nasty temper and were always going off on people.

Some observations about what the Bishop said in the above article:

1) He says ” scripture says so little” about homosexuality. How much does it have to say? Isn’t even once enough? Here’s three pretty clear scriptures that deal expressly with homosexuality: Genesis 19, Romans 1:26-27, 1st Corinthians 6:9.

2) The statement “driven by hysteria”:  concerns for the truth of God’s Word is not hysteria.

3) The concept of the legitimacy of a “committed” homosexual relationship versus an “uncommitted ” one. According to this logic, it’s fine if I get drunk all the time, just so I always do it with the same person.

It’s funny. You rarely hear of Christians who engage in heterosexual relationships outside of their marriages try to legitimize their conduct and attempt to claim full church fellowship. Now I admit that there’s a lot of people who try to live on” both sides of the fence” and live for the world and try to live for Christ but usually their vices are secret ones. There’s not too many married church-goers who would blatantly and openly have a mistress or lover on the side and try to fully participate in the things of God. People who do are usually seen as sick puppies. People like Tony Alamo, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim  Baker. Why do homosexuals try this? Is it their special status in our society as the poor, picked-on  minority, picked on because all they want to do is love each other? So, because of this status, gays are given all kind of special considerations: special insurance benefits not given to heterosexual live-ins, special hate laws, and holiness before God. Heterosexuals who violate moral standards usually pay big prices. We see this over and over where business leaders, politicians, and church leaders lose jobs, credibility, and their families for indulging their lusts. And usually rightfully so.

I’m not not saying people who have these urges are not in a struggle. I haven’t the slightest doubt it’s a monumental struggle. We shouldn’t turn our back on anyone who’s searching for God. He knows how all of us struggle with our fallen lives. But we have to try our best to turn away from our base desires and turn to the only answer. The Answer: Jesus Christ.