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OK. I started it with my last post. A few good people asked me; OK, what can we do? Here’s a few sites I’ve been told about. This is step 2. Finding out, getting some info. If anyone has some more resources, please post it. Hopefully this is just the beginning.

“The Master came to set the captives free”  Isaiah/Matthew/Sleeping Giant


Lutherans to Debate Gay Clergy

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An article in the paper today examines whether the nations largest Lutheran denomination will allow people in same-sex relationships to serve as pastors. One of the revisions of their ministry standards to try to get this passed is to: Let congregations employ gay and lesbian people in “committed” relationships as clergy. This is what one of their Bishops said about differences over homosexuality:       ” They are driven more by the hysteria in the culture than by what  Scripture says. If someone tried to argue this is going to be the test as to whether we are scriptually faithful or not, that’s a hard argument to make because Scripture says so little about homosexuality”

I really don’t get it.

There’s a lot of activities we humans can participate in.I believe we have  a Creator that is interested in how we live our lives and not only that, He has given us a guidebook for us to live by, and in that guide book  He makes it pretty clear what He likes and doesn’t, things we should do and things we shouldn’t.

Now I know that we who are believers in God all have faults, weaknesses, blind spots, monkeys on our back, skeletons in our closets, black eyes, warts, nasty habits, etc., etc. But I believe that scriptures are true that say: If we walk in the Light as He is in the light, then the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin and  He is faithful and just and that if we confess our sins He  will forgive  them.

That said, here’s some problems I have with this whole gays -out-in- church thing. And also let me say this, I’m not a homophobic. I have several gay friends. I love them as much as a lot of my other friends. But  if they were my Christian brothers or sisters, I would have to tell them that God’s word clearly teaches that they have to abandon that lifestyle, abandon their homosexuality, if they want to please God. The bible clearly teaches that if they wanted to live in good standing with other Christians and God they  would have to try to give up that lifestyle, just like if they were in an immoral heterosexual relationship, or if they were involved in some scam, or if they were constantly going out and getting drunk, or if they had a really nasty temper and were always going off on people.

Some observations about what the Bishop said in the above article:

1) He says ” scripture says so little” about homosexuality. How much does it have to say? Isn’t even once enough? Here’s three pretty clear scriptures that deal expressly with homosexuality: Genesis 19, Romans 1:26-27, 1st Corinthians 6:9.

2) The statement “driven by hysteria”:  concerns for the truth of God’s Word is not hysteria.

3) The concept of the legitimacy of a “committed” homosexual relationship versus an “uncommitted ” one. According to this logic, it’s fine if I get drunk all the time, just so I always do it with the same person.

It’s funny. You rarely hear of Christians who engage in heterosexual relationships outside of their marriages try to legitimize their conduct and attempt to claim full church fellowship. Now I admit that there’s a lot of people who try to live on” both sides of the fence” and live for the world and try to live for Christ but usually their vices are secret ones. There’s not too many married church-goers who would blatantly and openly have a mistress or lover on the side and try to fully participate in the things of God. People who do are usually seen as sick puppies. People like Tony Alamo, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim  Baker. Why do homosexuals try this? Is it their special status in our society as the poor, picked-on  minority, picked on because all they want to do is love each other? So, because of this status, gays are given all kind of special considerations: special insurance benefits not given to heterosexual live-ins, special hate laws, and holiness before God. Heterosexuals who violate moral standards usually pay big prices. We see this over and over where business leaders, politicians, and church leaders lose jobs, credibility, and their families for indulging their lusts. And usually rightfully so.

I’m not not saying people who have these urges are not in a struggle. I haven’t the slightest doubt it’s a monumental struggle. We shouldn’t turn our back on anyone who’s searching for God. He knows how all of us struggle with our fallen lives. But we have to try our best to turn away from our base desires and turn to the only answer. The Answer: Jesus Christ.


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finnlogo21I’m Donnie McCool as you probably realize. I’ve recently been doing my family tree. It’s very interesting and very addictive. In fact I find myself wanting to spend every spare second finding out where gr-gr-gr-gr grandfather Nicholas McCool was buried, or where gr-gr (squared) grandfather John McCool lived in Ireland.

I just found awhile ago, with the help of Kellye’s uncle GP West and my new found cousin Deb McCool Worrall, my tree back to the old country. It goes like this:

Myself, Leroy, Frank Wesley, John William, Westley, Nicholas, John, Benjamin, Andrew, John Jr, John & Olivia McCool born in Atrium or Ulster, Ireland and came to America in about 1695 ish. It’s believed that most of the Irish in that region of Ireland were transplants from Scotland, only about 20 or so miles across the Irish Channel. So, that coupled with the fact that they were Protestants (actually Quakers) and not Catholic , they were and are known as Scots-Irish or Scotch Irish.

Nicholas, we believe, was the first McCool in Nashville. Old John had settled in Pennsylvania and from there my line slowly came South. Benjamin and his brother Andrew were Loyalists (fought for the British-yukk) in the Revolutionary War. His son John settled in Orange County, Hillsborough NC, which is very close to Knoxville. His son Nicholas met and married Ellander Conner in Blount County Tn and the next time he shows up on the radar he’s living in Sumner County, Tn (just North of Nashville) in the 1820 Census. Wonder how and why he ended up there? In the 1830 Census he’s living in old District 23 (now District 11) which is basically the Bordeaux/Whites Bend area. There Westley his son started buying and selling land like a mad Irishman and there his son John W eventually purchased 400 acres of which my mom still owns a large tract. I think this is all pretty sweet, that the land has been in McCool hands for that long. I would love to purchase it all back one day and have some kind of historical landmark/ranch and name it some cool Irish name and have a big Irish celebration there every  St Paddy’s Day (no drunks allowed!) and invite all my Irish brethren and non-Irish friends.There’s an old log house on Mom’s  property that we always called the “old house” . It’s still got the old, dried mud between the logs. I just found out a couple of weeks ago for the first time that Dad’s grandmother was born in the house. Wow. That makes it a heck of a lot older than any of us realized. One of my goals is to go up and scratch around at the old house, maybe take someone that knows their stuff, and just try to figure out how old it really is. About the only thing I really want to do is find out where Nicholas and Westley are buried. I’m having a time with that.

Here’s some other famous McCools in the world besides me and my equally famous family.

Milton Leroy McCool. My awesome Dad. Rest In Peace

Larry McCool . My awesome brother. Rest in Peace brother.

There’s the old cartoon character Cool McCool :

Then there’s William McCool the astronaut, who died on the spaceship Columbia in 2003. ( we also have another cousin on my mother’s side who’s an astronaut, Jim Lovell, played famously by Tom Hanks in Appolo 13)

There’s Michelle McCool the WWE wrestler/model. WhoooHoooo.

Also, we’ve got Ashley McCool, bomb unleasher extraordinaire at Ezell Harding and Trevecca .

There’s Georgia’s little gymnast Courtney McCool,

Then there’s Toronto Maple Leafs Legend Frank McCool:

Then you have the awesome Irish Pub Finn McCools in Chicago, New Orleans, and Santa Monica, and  the movie One Night at the McCools starring Liv Tyler. WhooHoo.

That’s it for know. Maybe some more McCool stuff later as we do more famous stuff. Oh yeah, here’s an another  cool McCool blog:

Walking the Line

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picket1For the last 105 days I and the Union I am a member of ; The International Association  of Machinists have been on strike against Vought Aircraft Company. We finally accepted the company’s latest proposal  under duress and fear of ; being permanently replaced, the company moving our new Cessna contract to Dallas, and not having a job for another 6 months. People in our union were reportedly on the verge of losing their houses, cars, going bankrupt, and being served with divorce papers . I personally heard the testimony of one young fellow who with papers in his hand to inform the union he was getting out and crossing the picket line, said he had to because if he didn’t his wife had the divorce papers ready. He also claimed he had already gone through bankruptcy proceedings, and he was about to lose his house. That all sounded a little too dramatic but I don’t doubt that some of it was true.

My buddy Randy and I were on our gate: the Briley Pky gate where the FatCat (see above photo) blow-up guy and the Scab Rat were on display for so long. We walked every Wed morning from 4 am to 8 am.The Briley entrance to the plant was locked up so we didn’t have any action there. The only real action was when 11 busloads of replacement workers (scabs) came up Briley at about 6 am. I usually stood as near as I could to the slow-moving buses and looked them in the eye and waved to them (I know, I’m a real hell raiser). I figured that did as much good to try to bring shame to their little bitty, money grubbing hearts as cussing them and giving them the finger which my status as a follower of Jesus won’t allow me to do. I really, really wanted to though and I kept jokingly telling Randy (who’s a Christian too) ” If I’m wanting to do it this really bad, shouldn’t I just go ahead and do it”? We usually talked about the same stuff every week: The Titans, The Vols, our families, the bible, and the Strike. We drank a lot of coffee and had to pee a lot but since we were right there on Briley Pky  which posed a slight problem. But we solved it by walking across Briley to a street that comes out there, turned left, went down in a little ditch hidden to Briley by a vine covered fence but wide open to the subdivision in all other 3 directions. This was all before daybreak though so no problem. My head was on a swivel though every time but in spite of several close calls we never got busted. I bet they’ll wonder why the grass is growing so well there this spring!

Let me say one thing about replacement workers or scabs. A scab can be either a person from the union that crosses the picket line and goes back to work while everyone else is still out there or  a professional (I use that word lightly in this case) for-hire contractor who will traverse the country in his field working for the highest bidder. Also, scabs can be locals who are hired to do clean up, painting, and low-skill jobs,etc,.

I  don’t like calling anyone names even if they warrant it. People who cross a picket line who are desperate for work and their families are hungry I might could abide and I maybe  wouldn’t consider a scab. But the pros who are making great money to begin with, and they travel to Nashville to cross  our line? When we’re out there suffering and trying to improve our jobs? That’s about as sorry, low-down, and “no-count” as a man can be in my opinion. I equate it to to a man and woman having trouble in their marriage and another man, sensing weakness and need, makes a move on the wife, seduces her and wins her over, thus wrecking the marriage in the process. A home wrecker and a scab are brothers in this respect. 

Now while I’m on a roll, let me say this: the Salary people who have to cross our line I have nothing against. They have no choice. I have nothing but good will toward them and apologize for all they have to go through during the strike. It would be nice if all my union brothers felt the way I do and if most of the Salary employees supported us and some didn’t go out of their way to make a name for themselves by killing themselves to look good and us bad.

It’s kind of hard being a Christian and a union member. My friends and I talk about it a lot. You know,  like the passage where John the Baptist told the soldiers to be content with their pay. Paul basically said the same thing. Then there’s the scripture that talks about slaves obeying their masters and bearing up to wrong treatment with a good attitude It even said that God is pleased with that attitude.

But does that prevent seeking raises? Or negotiating the best possible benefit and pay package?

Notwithstanding,If I owned the company would I appreciate it if the employees said they weren’t going to do anything else until I negotiated with their representatives a contract they were happy with? I’d probably  feel like firing then all and get some more people who appreciated their job a little more. I don’t know. There is a certain honor in making sacrifices for others like we did in this strike. The thing is, beyond a couple of issues involving overtime and  job language, most of us who had significant seniority were pretty pleased with the original proposal . We refused to accept the company’s proposal and struck because Vought wanted to take away the defined pension of those employees with 16 years or less. That’swhy we did it. For them. Not us. So all these people on the Tennessean blogs etc,. who were ridiculing us and calling us greedy so and so’s come off to me as cowardly big mouths who have no idea what they’re talking about.

I’ll say this. I retrospect,  we were probably pretty stupid for not accepting the original proposal (but we refused it for the reasons given above) but I also blame Vought for being so asininely stupid and arrogant for choosing this time in history to try to cram the 401K down our throat.

At a time when when we, members of our families, friends and  people everywhere were losing tens of thousands of dollars, large % of their retirements, and in some cases all their 401K retirement nest eggs.

Please, Vought. Why not give it up this time and get your 401K next time?

Most of the real progress in negotiations is done in the last few hours before the stroke of midnight or at the end of the preceding contract. The impending moment has huge significance for both parties.If something isn’t settled the company has no workers, but also the bargaining unit has no jobs. So, both sides use that deadline to put a very real pressure on the other side. So, again,don’t think the unions  are the villains. It absolutely works both ways. It’s standard company practice  to try to make the workers look greedy and themselves as poor, innocent lambs. They slant their press releases and only reveal publicly the gains by the workers and none of the negatives.

It’s popular to say that Unions once had their place but that their time is past. Is that true? Do you think that there are less ruthless, money-hungry, business owners now than there were in the 1800’s? People who would work 10 year old children 18 hours a day on bread and water if it meant bringing their profit margin up? What about business owners who subject their employees to dangerous working conditions? I worked around constructions sites one summer and it was mind-boggling to see the crazy-dangerous things people were doing because their bosses told them to. Where was OSHA?

The thing is, normally in the course of a job, if a person feels like they need, deserve, or warrant a raise or they want to ask for some improvement or another to their compensation package they go to their boss and ask for it. They do so if they have more responsibilities or maybe  a certain amount of time has passed on their job since their last raise. But with a union job, that’s not possible. Lets say, the contract between a company and the union is for 3- 5 years. Whatever is negotiated at the time the contract is ratified is  for 3-5 years. There are no changes after ratification. So its imperative for the collective bargaining unit to get the best possible contract possible. I think any normal, intelligent person wouldn’t have any problems at all with that concept. It’s only when the union walks off their jobs and “holds the company hostage” that people get their panties all in a wad. How dare those union bums do that! Who do they think they are! I hope they get their butts kicked!!

Well, I think these statements reveal an ignorance of the basic rules of negotiations and contracts. I would bet that if the details of a good percentage of business deals and high dollar contract negotiations were made public they would be classified as cut-throat.But those type negotiations are considered normal, admirable and justified. Why are unions vilified for the very same tactics?

Murphy’s Law

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murphys2I guess all of us think about Murphy’s Law every now and then. I guess I think about it most when I’m in my sock drawer. I’m kind of picky about my dress socks. I’ve liked socks with a little pizazz, little colorful designs,etc., especially nothing traditional, for a good while. This style was popular about 5 years ago and hasn’t come back yet. (I can’t even begin to understand why not. Does anyone know where I can get such socks? Every time I go into a men’s store, I head straight for the socks but to no avail. They have to come back into style. So, anyway, I have about 5 pair that I really like, about one pair each for the different color slacks I have. Well, one of Murphy’s Laws has claimed one each of 3 pairs of the 5. It was all five until I offered a large reward ($5) and 2 socks were found in various locations around the house.

I really couldn’t find one of Murphy’s Laws that really fit the sock situation perfectly so I postulated my own:

McCool’s Law of Socks and Diminishing Returns   The probability of losing one sock of a pair is much greater than losing both. (Duh, but it had to be said) The probability of losing that one sock of a pair greatly increases with the popularity of said sock. The chances of finding the lost sock(s) increases two tenfold with the presence of each of the following factors: washing machines, dryers, other people of the same sex  living in the same house, other people of the same sex  living in the same house who have lots of clothes they rarely access, other people of the same sex  living in the same house who, if they stumble across your sock(s) in their stuff, don’t think a thing about it, push it aside (or to the bottom of the drawer) and never mention it.

I’m not a pessimist by nature. But you can still be an optimist but not have your head stuck in the sand.Things can go south very, very quickly. I also  realize that most good things are achieved through a lot of hard work and usually nothing good comes easy, and in most things, as my cuz Christopher would say “The only easy day was yesterday”.

I assume Murphy was one of Adam’s children or maybe he was actually Adam himself. I can’t find in Genesis that Adam had a son named Murphy. OK, it was probably Adam’s nickname. But you know Adam knew about these laws. They had to have appeared in history concurrent with the apple episode. One day Adam can always find his socks then he and Eve mess up big time, then all of a sudden 3 single socks are gone. Wait a minute, he didn’t have socks before……

I guess all this is caused by the second law of thermodynamics: entropy, which is  the amount of disorder and/or chaos in a thermodynamic system. It refers to changes in the  system and measures “molecular disorder”. But I’d be willing to bet tons of money that there was no entropy before “the fall”. I’d also be willing to bet that when Adam and Eve caused the ultimate downfall of creation and God cursed the ground  that entropy snuck in the backdoor into being.

Here’s some of my favorites from this Murphy’s Laws site:

If you perceive that there are four possible ways in which a procedure can go wrong, and circumvent these, then a fifth way, unprepared for, will promptly develop.

Nature always sides with the hidden flaw.

It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.

All things are possible except skiing through a revolving door

Murphy’s Law of Thermodynamics    Things get worse under pressure.

Quantization Revision of Murphy’s Laws     Everything goes wrong all at once.
Murphy’s Constant     Matter will be damaged in direct proportion to its value
Law of the Perversity of Nature      You cannot successfully determine beforehand which side of the bread to butter.
Corollary         The chance of the bread falling with the buttered side down is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet.
O’Toole’s Commentary     Murphy was an optimist.
Beifeld’s Principle: The probability of a young man meeting a desirable and receptive young female increases by pyramidal progression when he is already in the company of (1) a date, (2) his wife, and (3) a better looking and richer male friend.
Berra’s Law:  You can observe a lot just by watching.

Oh Yeah I Forgot

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A friend of mine and I have been discussing or debating  memory. At the very onset, it started with my not remembering a conversation because I spent 2 weeks heavily sedated because of surgery, then the debate turned to age related memory loss. At this point, however,our discussion has basically landed on the old genetics vs. environment or nature vs. nurture theories..

Here’s a  sampling of our e-mail discussions about memory that started this whole issue: I have lumped several different e-mails into one big comment by each of us without paragraph breaks. Sorry about the varying fonts. I still haven’t figured out how to homogenize everything.

Donnie: I had fairly detailed conversation a few days ago with a girl at church that she asked me a question about later that I remember nothing about and about 1% remember having it. 2 straight weeks 24-7 doing narcotics seems to do that…..

Friend: Old age will do that to you, too.  Not that there’s anything wrong with old age.  So far, that is. Jane was shaking her head at me two days ago over how very bad my memory is.

Donnie: Don’t you think memory is mainly a function of concentration and focus? For instance, really paying attention to what is said, or what is happening at any given time, in order to recall it? I could tell you in incredible detail about hundreds of ballgames I played in over the years. I think that memory is  primarily a  product of interest,awareness, concentration, and focus.There’s a guy at work that can always repeat verbatim what was said in every conversation but it has to about certain things. He’s very, very competitive cocky, and always thinks he can one-up you. So if it’s anything to do with him winning a bet or looking good…. I’ve always been amazed at his recall of every little thing.

So, what’s my point? A person remembers better what really interests them. The big joke with a certain circle of women in my life centers around my total (and all other men) oblivion to some things.For instance, I’ll say ” Hey Gaye, I love that picture on the wall “, how long have you had it, is it new? Then she’ll say “Oh, I’ve just had that there for 3 years. Of course they  horse laugh me about it. Now how, if I’ve genetically got such a great memory that can remember hundreds of ballgames years ago with great clarity and accuracy, not notice a beautiful painting in a house where I’ve been in the room with it numerous, numerous times?

My friend: Well, there you are; you recall all those details of all those games.  Nope, I’ve never had that kind of memory.  Nor has Sue, Joan or Jim.  James and maybe RJ do have vivid recall.  Our mother had a great memory.  I think Dad did not.  So you see, memory, like most everything else, is in the genes.With that said, however, one can train the mind to remember by concentrating and focusing.  Yes, concentration, focus, keen powers of observation, keen perception would all enhance memory.  Also, intense personal involvement/interest enhance memory.  But all those enhancements do not a good memory make.
I read jokes that I so want to remember so I can retell them, and by the next day I’ve forgotten the punch line.  I do recall perceptions (ie the feel of a conversation) much more readily than facts (ie, the actual content of a conversations). 
So, yes, I can pretty much isolate memory from observation.  There are people who don’t miss a trick, in regard to observation, but who CRS.  And at the same time, and without contradicting my assertion, yes, if you have a good memory, then keen powers of observation would certainly contribute mightily to that awesome attribute

Me:  You know, the more we discuss this, the more I see that there are so many complex factors involved with human memory.Of course, anything involving the human mind and personality is a very deep well, maybe with no bottom           END

Now, don’t get me wrong. Just like my friend admits that concentration and focus greatly affects memory, I, in turn admit that genetics play a huge part. Memory can be genetic. There are ‘freaks” out there that have “photographic memory: Akira Haraguchi managed to recite pi‘s first 83,431 decimal places from memory and more recently to 100,000 decimal places in 16 hours (October 4, 2006). The 2004 World Memory Champion Ben Pridmore memorized the order of cards in a randomly shuffled 52-card deck in 24.68 seconds. I’ve heard of people that could read the phone book, and without even trying to memorize it, recite pages of names, addresses, and phone numbers. Obviously, these people are extremely rare and this does prove that genetics alone can cause great memory. My discussion though, focuses on normal, everyday, ordinary people with ordinary memory capabilities.  

 I’m not sure how to rate memory. I’m sure there are tons of tests for it. There are also plenty of memory games. Here’s one: I made it to level 7 on the first try, then got worse on the next two.Probably a good test would be to do it 10 times a day for 5 straight days to test genetics vs learning.

This is where our discussion is right now. I realize that there are so many more factors that I haven’t brought up, thought about, and am not even aware of.

Please add your theories and experiences about memory!! 

Food: My Epiphany

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food1I read a wordpress blog last week about ideas for an all you can eat buffet. It was really good and I tried to find it to reference it but to no avail. I’ve got some tricks that I’ve honed at a few buffets over the years that I’ll have to share. Since I’m not exactly an … amateur at eating , not a pro, not like the guys at the all- you can- eat contests where they make money eating but you know, an expert. People who are amazed at how much I eat, I’ll tell em, yeah you ought to have known me a few years ago. I guess if I haven’t done much else in life I ‘ve given a few people stories to tell of my past eating prowess. I guess I’m not much fun anymore. Not as far as eating a lot. When I started getting fat I had to slow down. That or I’d have one of those big, 150 lb-looking bellies.

Most of the stories, when people tell them, I really don’t remember it quite like they tell it. Probably because stories tend to get embellished as time goes by or else they wouldn’t be a good story, huh? Eating and I do have a love/hate relationship. I love to eat, don’t get  me wrong but the thing is, it kind of got to be a job because no matter how much I ate, I would be hungry again very shortly thereafter. Also, it usually cost so much for me to get full.

It still makes me shake my head when people say stuff like ” I’m still full from last night’s supper” or  ” I just don’t eat  much in the summer,  it’s too hot ”  Strange statements . (Full from last night’s supper? How could that be? I’ve probably eaten 3 or 4 times since last night’s supper.) One bad part was that unless I ate a bunch RIGHT before I went to bed, I would wake up about 2 or 3 in the morning with a gigantic hole in my belly so big and  hungry that I couldn’t sleep. Then if  I finally gave in and got up and ate something I couldn’t go back to sleep. So, suffice to say,  I’ve always eaten a healthy portion or two before I go to sleep. Usually, a big, ole handful of low fat turkey and a bowl or two of Raisin Bran with low fat milk will usually now do it. Melanie Collier, who used to stay overnight when she was younger and baby-sit our boys, said that one time I had such a big hunk of turkey in my hands that she didn’t know what it was. Well. I knew what it was, And I knew what to do with it.  I caught the Andersons rolling our house one time because I had to get up and eat something. Matter of fact, I also caught the Porters rolling our house another time because of a late refrigerator run.

When I was playing a lot of softball, eating got pretty expensive. If we were playing out of town, I would just go on and figure a $100 bill for eating for the weekend. That didn’t include hotel or gas because Chip took care of that.That was Friday, Sat and Sunday since we usually won the tourneys and were in them until Sunday night. Stacy Harris and I played together a few years and that big rascal was one eatin jessie. I kind of remember this, but Stacy claims that he and I completely shut down a KFC lunch buffet one hot (yeah, me and Stacy didn’t let a little heat affect our appetites- we killed em and still drank about 5 gallons of tea apiece) muggy, July- Saturday afternoon in Monticello Ky. Stacy gave me the idea of bringing a cooler of sandwiches to help defray some of the food costs. I remember he and I sharing each others stuff in time of need.

Eddie Porter likes to tell the story of when we were all in Atlanta a few years ago. We left the hotel in Atlanta to go to the Braves game and were going to stop somewhere and get something to eat on the way . Eddie swears that I had everybody stop to get something for me to eat before we stopped to eat where I ate again. Kind of like a pre-stop. I really don’t remember that one. Well, maybe I do. I think  my blood sugar was getting low, that’s all.

I do remember the time the women’s church softball team and most of the rest of the congregation were deep in Cajun country in Layfette LA and we were at world famous Prejeans. A bunch of us went there  because as I always do when traveling,  I asked a about 100 people at the gym I was working out at (something else I always try to do- I got the coolest shirt at that gym- it had a little crawdad  lifting a barbell ) where the best place to eat was. It was so good we took more people there the next night and we PIGGED out. Just about everything was fried which even though I always ate a lot, it ususally was on the healthy side, not fried. So since everything was fried and we were all trying each others stuff: jambalaya, fried crawfish, fried fish, fried chicken, crawfish etouffee, grilled gator, huge bowls of crawfish bisque (oh my that was good, Mike Crocker got a 5 gallon tub of it. If you ever go to a good Cajun place, try the crawfish bisque) . Well, after about an hour of that, I still had a LOT of food to eat on my plate. I was sitting there staring at it, feeling quite unusual, that I was actually content, bloated, and not really anxious as usual to get back to stuffing more yummy edibles down my gullet. Cause heck, I usually couldn’t eat fast enough to keep up with my metabolism, which would have me hungry again in an hour or so. I figured if I sat there a minute or two, my body would burn enough so I could finish the plate off. Well I guess I sat there staring too long because I heard Mike Crocker, who was sitting to my right with a big feedbag on his chest, and crumbs all over the floor around his chair. Mike was horse-lauging, tears  coming down his face. When we finally got him to stop haw-hawing, he said that was the first time he had EVER seen me get my butt kicked by  food. He said I looked plumb whipped and dejected. Well, that stung my pride. Mike was right. I was getting whipped and I didn’t like it. So I acted like nothing was wrong,  laughing it off, taking a bite or two,  stalling for time. I even headed to the bathroom as an excuse to buy time. Well, they thought I was going to use the restroom to, well, make more room, which I hadn’t thought of. But anyway, I did get a good first-time butt kicking that night in cajun country. Kind of a harbinger for the women’s softball team which also got a butt kicking in that tourney.