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mexican mealWent to Baja Burrito yesterday. We go there a lot and have been for several years now. We live in Goodlettsville and don’t think anything about piling everybody in the van and making the 25 minute ride over to 100 Oaks to eat there, passing countless other Mexican restaurants in the process. I don’t know for sure, but BB may have been the first assembly-line burrito place in Nashville. I really like that because , I can get what ingredients I want and how much I want. That’s good because I’m a pretty picky eater (everything I can pick up, I eat) If you get a regular size (you can also get a small), by the time you get to the end of the line you’ve got a burrito about the size of a  small watermelon, something you’ve got to hold two-fisted and attack carefully, biting at the corners and edges because you can’t get your mouth (even mine) around the monstrous slab of goodness.

The second thing I love at BB is the salsa. They have four or five different kinds: mild roasted , hot, green and pineapple. The pineapple is our favorite. Picture your  absolute favorite salsa with little chunks of pineapple. Yes! The other salsa’s are very good too though. Sometime I’ll get a little bit of all the others and a lot of the pineapple.

Then there’s the fruit tea. It must not be just my favorite because they have more of that than anything else..It’s so good that I probably drink at least a half of gallon each time .

The staff is also pretty friendly and helpful.

Then the topper: you get all this for about $ 7 bucks with free refils of everything except the burritos.

A bunch of us went to San Antonio Taco Factory awhile ago. It was my first visit. I had heard a lot about the place over the years and how good it was, it being a staple for the Vanderbilt crowd, etc.

I’ll be honest, I was extremely dissapointed. First, it was way pricer that BB. Everything was confusing, it was a bunch of us there, the menu was a little scattered, everything was ala carte, and I was paying for mine and Jordan’s. But our bill was like $24. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll shell out some bucks if we’re eating sushi, or at a good steak place, but $24 for two, at a serve-yourself taco place?!?*! I don’t think so.

The little burritos were tasty but after polishing them off in about 3.5 minutes, I was hungrily looking at the plates of others in our group, hoping some of the women had left some, which they usually do. Not so here. Every paper plate was licked clean and not necessarily because the food was so good. I remember looking at James Hayes as we were getting ready to leave and we exchanged looks of despair, hunger, dissatisfaction, and poverty.

Finally, the salsa was decent but they only had one or two kinds and the the little containers to put your salsa in were so small you could barely get the edge of your chip in there to scoop.

About the staff: The first guy we meet was so anxious to help us figure out the menu and understand how everything worked that I couldn’t help but think he was trying to hustle tips out of us (which he didn’t get) The others were  busy talking to each other about personal stuff so they  were pretty distant and not very engaged. The BB employees are way friendlier and they can’t hardly speak Americano!

So, the next time you want a good custom-made burrito and salsa meal that will allow you to still have enough dinero to head somewhere else for coffee and a gourmet cupcake, check out Baja Burrito. Give yourself enough time to stand in line a wile though. A lot of others will be doing the same thing.


The Tour de France

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It’s here again. Once a year, over 3 weeks, a starting field of around 200 riders from all over the world, race almost 2000 miles across, up, and down the country of France. They do it in 21 stages:

10 flat stages,

7 mountain stages,

1 medium mountain stage,

2 individual time-trial stages,

1 team time-trial stage.

2 rest days


I love the Tour. I’m not quite sure how I got interested. It was about 4 years ago. I think I got to reading about Lance one day in the sports page, watched a few stages, and I was hooked. I’m always asking people if they follow the Tour and most don’t. Here’s a few reasons why:

Reasons why people don’t care about the Tour:

* It’s in France

* The riders wear gay colors

* They wear skin-tight, gay gear

* Riding bicycles is not considered very manly

* They all use steroids,EPO,blood doping and/or other cheating schemes

* Their arms are skinnier than a super model’s

Reasons why people should care about the Tour:

* The riders are THE most fit athletes in the world

* France itself is incredibly beautiful with bountiful history which is expertly covered in the broadcasts

* There are tons of cool strategies, interesting sub-plots, and terminology

* Riding a bike down a 8000 ft mountain,traversing hairpin curves with sheer drops at speeds of 70 mph is pretty manly in my book.

* There are lots of crashes.

* The craziness of the fans (one of the top reasons I like the Tour) that you see nowhere else in sports. Can you imagine Lebron going in for a dunk with 5 or 6 idiots dressed in drag with no pants on running beside him cheering him on?

*All the different sub-races within the race – 6 different jerseys awarded per stage for winning different aspects of the race that day and for the whole race. Example: the Polka Dot jersey is awarded to the “King of the Mountain” or whoever is leading when the group hits the crest of a particular check-point on top of a mountain, they get so many points for that milestone. Whoever gets the most for that stage gets to wear the polka dot the next stage.Pretty cool.

* Lance is there again

*It’s a great way to bone up on how many miles are in a kilometer (.62)

So check it out. Here’s a couple of good sites to check out and learn a little more or follow the race:   and    

  Its on the Versus channel, several times a day. If nothing else   check out the last few miles (or kilometers). Listening to the announcers describe the strategy, and seeing the crazy rush of 40 or 50 riders jockeying for position while hurtling forward inches from each other is pretty awesome. Nascar doesn’t have anything on this!!!!