holiday-world2This is the season for Raleigh and Jordan’s birthdays. Jordan’s 4-15-91 and Raleigh’s 4-21-87. We had a combo party for them last night. I was thinking what they’ve meant to us since those eventful days that they made their grand entrance 18 and 22 years ago.

First of all, just who they are is a tremendous blessing. Raleigh is  smart, with an incredible personality. He can walk into a room full of strangers and come out with a new friend or two every time. He  also wants with all his heart to serve God and love people. If you’re really successful, popular, or on top of the heap you might not get as much attention from Raleigh than  if your at the other end, needing some encouragement, a helping hand , or just someone to talk about things with.

Jordan is also smart, with a quick mind. I believe he will be the greatest lawyer ever known. He’s got a heart as big as North America. He’s also full of love, overflowing with it. I know God has great plans for Jordan in His kingdom.

I believe both of them will be great men before their life is over.

My advice to them? Love Jesus with all your heart. Love  your family and friends with all you have. Don’t waste your talents or your time. Be men.

Happy Birthday guys.



6 Responses to “BIRTHDAY BOYS”

  1. Uncle Boosh Says:

    Happy Birthday Jordan and Raleigh!

  2. Donnie, you are such a nice dad. And Jordan and Raleigh are very good young men.:-) Donna

    P.S. I think we are getting old.

  3. Raleigh and Jordan are amazing!! How could they be any different with parents like you and Kellye!! I love all of you very much. Keep blessing the world!

  4. Suzanne McCool Bauer Says:

    Pictures of Raleigh always make me think of my dad! They really look a lot alike to me! I miss him so much!!!!!!!!!!

    • hey Suzanne!! check out Raleighs blog at His twitter stuff on the right top of his blog is so funny. Can you send a couple of good pics of Larry? I want to do a post on him and Dad. I really miss him too. We were just starting to get close when he left us.

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