finnlogo21I’m Donnie McCool as you probably realize. I’ve recently been doing my family tree. It’s very interesting and very addictive. In fact I find myself wanting to spend every spare second finding out where gr-gr-gr-gr grandfather Nicholas McCool was buried, or where gr-gr (squared) grandfather John McCool lived in Ireland.

I just found awhile ago, with the help of Kellye’s uncle GP West and my new found cousin Deb McCool Worrall, my tree back to the old country. It goes like this:

Myself, Leroy, Frank Wesley, John William, Westley, Nicholas, John, Benjamin, Andrew, John Jr, John & Olivia McCool born in Atrium or Ulster, Ireland and came to America in about 1695 ish. It’s believed that most of the Irish in that region of Ireland were transplants from Scotland, only about 20 or so miles across the Irish Channel. So, that coupled with the fact that they were Protestants (actually Quakers) and not Catholic , they were and are known as Scots-Irish or Scotch Irish.

Nicholas, we believe, was the first McCool in Nashville. Old John had settled in Pennsylvania and from there my line slowly came South. Benjamin and his brother Andrew were Loyalists (fought for the British-yukk) in the Revolutionary War. His son John settled in Orange County, Hillsborough NC, which is very close to Knoxville. His son Nicholas met and married Ellander Conner in Blount County Tn and the next time he shows up on the radar he’s living in Sumner County, Tn (just North of Nashville) in the 1820 Census. Wonder how and why he ended up there? In the 1830 Census he’s living in old District 23 (now District 11) which is basically the Bordeaux/Whites Bend area. There Westley his son started buying and selling land like a mad Irishman and there his son John W eventually purchased 400 acres of which my mom still owns a large tract. I think this is all pretty sweet, that the land has been in McCool hands for that long. I would love to purchase it all back one day and have some kind of historical landmark/ranch and name it some cool Irish name and have a big Irish celebration there every  St Paddy’s Day (no drunks allowed!) and invite all my Irish brethren and non-Irish friends.There’s an old log house on Mom’s  property that we always called the “old house” . It’s still got the old, dried mud between the logs. I just found out a couple of weeks ago for the first time that Dad’s grandmother was born in the house. Wow. That makes it a heck of a lot older than any of us realized. One of my goals is to go up and scratch around at the old house, maybe take someone that knows their stuff, and just try to figure out how old it really is. About the only thing I really want to do is find out where Nicholas and Westley are buried. I’m having a time with that.

Here’s some other famous McCools in the world besides me and my equally famous family.

Milton Leroy McCool. My awesome Dad. Rest In Peace

Larry McCool . My awesome brother. Rest in Peace brother.

There’s the old cartoon character Cool McCool :

Then there’s William McCool the astronaut, who died on the spaceship Columbia in 2003. ( we also have another cousin on my mother’s side who’s an astronaut, Jim Lovell, played famously by Tom Hanks in Appolo 13)

There’s Michelle McCool the WWE wrestler/model. WhoooHoooo.

Also, we’ve got Ashley McCool, bomb unleasher extraordinaire at Ezell Harding and Trevecca .

There’s Georgia’s little gymnast Courtney McCool,

Then there’s Toronto Maple Leafs Legend Frank McCool:

Then you have the awesome Irish Pub Finn McCools in Chicago, New Orleans, and Santa Monica, and  the movie One Night at the McCools starring Liv Tyler. WhooHoo.

That’s it for know. Maybe some more McCool stuff later as we do more famous stuff. Oh yeah, here’s an another  cool McCool blog:



  1. Donnie, you have a great site. I remember the old house. It’s great to hear a little history behind it. I didn’t realize your mom’s property has been in the family that long. I thought your mom and dad built the old house across the street from where she lives now and that they were the 1st ones there. Do you know how old that house was and who lived there? Loved reading about your sons in your birthday blog. I can see the pride and love you have for them. Hope you have many more beautiful days with Kellye and the boys and hopefully grandchildren and great-grandchildren some day. Your love for and trust in Jesus is inspiring. I could keep reading but I’ve got to get some things done. Love you guys. Terrie

  2. It’s me, the guy.

    re: John & Olivia MCCOOL. They owned a house in Toberhead, County Derry (Londonderry), Northern Ireland. It is near Castledawson. Pictures of the house can be found on my above listed blog. We visited the place a couple of summers back. County Antrim is adjacent (to the east) of County Derry. I bet the “Atrium” in your post would be Antrim. Ulster pretty much means Northern Ireland, encompassing several Counties.


  3. mccoolio Says:

    Hey Charles!!

    Thanks for responding!!! Checked out your blog briefly and it looks very interesting! I will definitely dig deep into it when I get time.
    Where do you live, what do you do, etc,.?

    As I mentioned, the biggest thing I’ve hit a wall with is trying to find out where Nicholas and Westley McCool are buried. Do you have any expertise on researching that kind of thing?


  4. Linda Green Says:

    Hi Donnie,

    I have been trying to find my copy of the land records when your dad bought the home place and the obituary I have of Frank McCool, which I wanted to send to you, but so far have not found them. I will have to set this project aside for a while but hope to get back to it later in June. I have been in touch with Debra and she’s sending me what she sent you.

    Was great meeting with you and seeing all the information you have. Will be in touch.


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