Titans Don’t Get No Respect

cortlandWhy is it that all year long the Titan’s don’t get any respect? Every big game they’ve played this year most of the “experts” have picked against them. A couple of weeks ago against the Steelers in our home town paper The Tennessean, all four beat writers picked against the Titans. I”m sure too, that the players gave it to them good after the big win. But they all picked the Titans for tomorrow’s game! During the 10-0 run just about every week someone was predicting the T boys to fall.

Our boys are amazingly a 3 point favorite in the game tommorow against the Ravens, and Las Vegas has the Titans as the favorite to be the AFC representative to go to the Super Bowl. But the national media has been focusing on the Ravens all week. Why  is that?

I believe it’s because the Titans just aren’t sexy enough.

Big Albert is kind of laid back, not just bristling with personality. Lyndale isn’t exactly a pretty boy, kind of overweight, definitely not a media magnet . Chris Johnson is a nice guy, real cool looking with his dreads and mouthful of gold, but he’s pretty shy and soft-spoken.Other than that, we have Kerry Collins, who acts like he’d just as soon be hunting, and then we have all the “good” guys: Thorton, Hope, Bulluck, and others. In other words, we’re kind of a boring bunch who don’t do nothing BUT WIN BIG GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!

I think if Vince were still at the helm, he’s sexy enough.Young, cocky, fast, athletic, recent  Natinal Championship Hero. Before his……..demotion;  Rookie of the Year, captain of many comebacks, bringing the Titans to the playoffs on his pure presence alone, he was on every cover, every show, the talk, not only of the town but of the nation. If he was in Kerry Collins shoes right now, the Titans would be the media darling. But he’s not and they’re not.

The Ravens may beat the Titans tommorow, and the Steelers or Chargers may beat them in the AFC Championship but you what, I  DON’T THINK SO.

I think Big Albert is gonna feed heavy tomorrow, Flacco’s going to be looking straight up at the Nashville sky a lot,some body’s going to knock Ray Lewis right out of Eddie George’s nightmares, and we’re going to be back at LP Field next Sunday playing whoever, probably Pittsburgh , where it’s easier to beat a team the second time, and it’s going to be worse this time.

So Steeler fans, just stay home and watch it on TV, and if you do pay crazy money to come to our house and visit, leave your puke-yellow too-too towels in the back of your car.


2 Responses to “Titans Don’t Get No Respect”

  1. Here’s hoping to see Mr. Lewis “knocked out” … GO TITANS!!!

  2. Schmoffly Says:

    Sorry the Titans didn’t back you up on this one! What a game…

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