My All Time Seven Course Meal

My boy Garrett ( suggested ” Here’s a thought. If it is possible to narrow it down, describe the perfect meal all the way down to dessert.” So after a little thought, here we go.


Black Russian Beluga Caviar  with creme frai over hand-made blini with some extra dry white wine. OK. I’m going to go ahead and ruin this right off the bat by admitting that I have never tried this. But knowing my tastes and adventuresome palette I just know I will one day try this and fall in love with it.

Course 1

Prejeans (Layfeyette, La)  Crawfish Bisque and  Crawfish Etouffee . Tea. See my last  post  Food: My Epiphany

Course 2

Flemings  Filet, Flemings Mac and Cheese (yes, not your momma’s mac and cheese)  CheeseCake Factory Whole Wheat Bread. Tea

Course 3

Sushi:        Salmon Nigiri, Eel Rolls, Crunchy Shrimp Rolls, Pork Stickers, Miso Soup. Tea

Course 4

Christmas Eve Dinner With Kellye’s Family

Kelly : Southwestern (spicy)Dressing (the only dressing I’ve ever liked), Marie’s Ham and Turkey, Aunt Anne’s Cranberry Salad (the only Cranberry concoction I’ve ever liked), , Gaye’s Sweet Potato Casserole (wow), Mabel’s Turnip Greens (with hot peppers) and Macaroni Salad (before I got to know the family well, this entre earned Mabel the name ” macaroni Aunt “)  Big, Fat, Soft, Warm Yeast Rolls, Tea.

 filetCourse 5

My Favorite Homemade Meal by Sarah Mccool (momma)

Homemade Bbq, Turnip Greens (mom’s recipe with garlic salt and sugar) Mac and Cheese, Cornsticks( trying to get more than your share of these will get you a fat lip at the family get-together), moma’s Tea.

Course 6

Poncho Villa (Rivergate): Salsa and Chips, Beef Burrito covered with cheese flakes with Rice and Beans. Tea. I guess this one will ruin my highbrow rating but dang, if I don’t list something from the place where we eat at least 50 times a year, what’s wrong with that picture?

Course 7

salmonFour or Five shots of Espresso in one big cup, Triple Chocolate Cake.



5 Responses to “My All Time Seven Course Meal”

  1. Schmoffly Says:

    Caviar? Seriously? Gross.

  2. If only we could eat that much, I would definitely want to be part of that meal!!! I don’t know about the caviar, but would give it a try!

  3. Sounds like too much protein, too many carbs, and way too many calories. It may be both your favorite meal AND your last one, too! Explosion follows shortly thereafter!

  4. Kelly McCool Riley Says:

    You had me at Crawfish Bisque.

  5. What? No pecan pie??? LOL! What a meal Dboosh!

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