Josh Hamilton

joshI got the new book: Beyond Belief: Finding the Strength to Come Back  by Josh Hamilton and Tim Keown. I started reading it Friday night and finished it Saturday evening. OK, so I was land-locked because of the afore mentioned sinus surgery but even if I hadn’t , it’s that compelling.

Lately I’ve read three books centered around drug addiction and recovery : Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction by David Sheff ,   Save Me from Myself: How I Found God, Quit Korn, Kicked Drugs, and Lived to Tell My Story by Brian Welch and this one. Beautiful Boy needs to be read by anyone that has a loved one or friend that struggles with addictions but it is a tough read , especially for those who’ve been through or are going through addiction issues. In addition, for someone like myself with a Christian based outlook, reading a book about such struggles without God, is tough.David Sheff is a very good writer, and he paints a very realistic and informative picture of the nightmare of day to day life dealing with a loved one’s addictions. Brian Welch’s book has pretty rough subject matter, very raw, but his conversion seems very authentic to me, and rings true with my conversion. This book would probably not appeal to most because of it’s raw subject matter. Josh’s book however, is a great read for everyone, if  you know his story or not, sports lover or not. His story is widely known now but the book goes into much more detail about his life. The similarities between Josh’s conversion and Brian Welch’s are almost exactly the same, and as I mentioned, almost exactly the same as mine: the wonderment, the innocence, the power and love. Right there about page 162 in Josh’s book is the greatest part but you better read the rest.

For anyone who doesn’t know about what he did at the Home Run derby read this:


Here’s David’s site:

and here’s Brian’s:


3 Responses to “Josh Hamilton”

  1. Schmoffly Says:

    I did a devo for the baseball team last year on Josh Hamilton and kinda got choked up talking about his conversion….hmmm, my guess is that on page 162 is his dream where Jesus beat off Satan. Am I correct? That is where I got choked up on in the devo…

  2. That’s awesome. He’s going to be in the record books along with Babe Ruth and other legends as having one of the all-time great performances at Yankee Stadium with his incredible Home Run Derby night.
    That’s a great place in the book too but the place I was thinking about is where he’s at his grandmothers in his room. It’s just the moment when he is really in a place of pure faith in God, and he just believes and knows that Satan and his addiction can’t stand before God’s power. It’s a turning point. A monumentous moment where everything turns the other way. Maybe I’m not making much sense but it really rings true with my experience.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on these books. I will check into them they sound like something I would be interested in. As far as it being tough to read about people struggling without God…I think it can help Christians to read from that viewpoint. We may be given the opportunity to help someone in that same situation some time and we would be able to understand their viewpoint, “where they are coming from”, better, maybe. WHen I think about whether a book is “good” I think about whether it made me think in a way or of something I would not have otherwise thought of. So, it sounds like these books did that for you.

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