Christmas bliss

christmas5Well, Christmas 2008 is just about over, with all that’s left is to throw all the wrapping paper and empty packages that all the stuff came in away. We had a great Christmas, even though I experienced it through a Mepergan and Percocet fog, having had sinus surgery on the 23rd. It hasn’t been near as bad as the horror stories I’ve heard. Maybe because at the slightest whisper of pain, I go -a diving  into those little bottles for another 4-6 hours of dreamlike bliss. A little drawback to that however, was major constipation (but nothing that a heavy dose of carrots, a gorilla’s daily allowance of bananas, Raisin Bran, and Mrs Lynn’s looked-like-it-had-some-bran-in-it bread would not fix), and in my blissfulness I overlooked the fact that my little 3 cup Bunn coffee maker couldn’t keep up with about 15 coffee drinkers this morning at our family get together at our house. How embarrassing! How uncouth! How far did my stock in coffee snobville fall? Finally, by the grace of my sister in law Gaye and their 10 cup Proctor Silex standard coffee maker, we made it through. Back to the sinus surgery…I don’t know if all the narcotics are making me paranoid, but why is everybody snickering about how big my swoll-up nose is? They must have had 2 or 3  NBC or Discovery Channel cameras stuck up in there. And maybe a few excavating tools too. I think, instead of enlarging the opening up in there where the sinuses drain, Dr. DeMoville instead enlarged my nostril openings. Dude, I look like Patrick Ewing or somebody now. I mean some big F-17 Jet intakes. I would definitely have a big advantage in any kind of endurance event now. Wouldn’t be any oxygen available for anyone else, not after I  get through inhaling.

You can say what you want about Christmas but I’ll take any excuse to get to see my extended family. It’s never long enough though. I think  we need to adopt the ways of the Israelites, who had (still have?) week long feasts. No wonder people are all stressed all the time. We need more down time.

I got some great gifts: a Chris Johnson jersey (if I were black, I’d have dreads just like my boy Chris. Dreads just don’t look good with white guy hair) to replace my 5 year old Samari Rolle jersey that I’ve been wearing  when we watch the Titans play every week but I don’t wear out in public, a autobiography by Josh Hamilton, a Starbucks gift card, 1 year subscription to Men’s Health mag, a sweet down jacket, and a bunch of other stuff.

My main squeeze brother in law EBoosh did some major maintenance on an acoustic guitar that  I’m loaning to Jordan. It’s been under our bed for years and my guitar-stringing skills were pretty rusty. Rusty enough, in fact, that I was ready to replace the tuning keys. Old Elton though, worked his magic and the thing is playing great.



4 Responses to “Christmas bliss”

  1. Schmoffly Says:

    Man, you just want a week long fast so you can eat all week!

  2. I could until today!!! BJ and I start our weight loss competition today. I’ll ask her if I can blog about it!

  3. Kelly McCool Riley Says:

    I’ve still got Dad’s old guitar, although I never say him play it. He claimed he did. It’s almost time to bequeath it to Carter He’s been playing for a few years now and the only song he can make it all the way through is ‘Smoke on the Water’! He claims his talents lie in Guitar Hero.

  4. I agree that we should get together more often, because once a year is not enough!!

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