John Halgrim


For those of you that really don’t read the daily newspaper much, this was in today’s paper. Usually there’s not that much good news, especially in the news section. But this was so good I think they had to put it in there.

Here’s the story in short: John Halgrim at age 15  got cancer. He went to church but wasn’t that committed. But having cancer seemed to open his eyes.  “I learned I needed to change my life”, he wrote in the journal he started keeping.” I learned I needed to live my life through God’s eyes and not my own.”

John decided that when the Make -a -Wish foundation wanted to help him do what they do: help dying kids do something they’ve always wanted to do, meet their favorite athlete, go to Disney world, etc., that he wanted something a little different.  Maybe it was the mission videos he’d seen at his church or maybe it was the TV show about parent less African children being forced into slavery and dying of hunger but John decided that he wanted them to help him build an orphanage in Africa. That was his wish.  Here’s the whole story:

Here’s his site:


4 Responses to “John Halgrim”

  1. Hello,

    I just read your blog about the coverage of the John Halgrim Orphanage, and the link to the web site. Thank you. I am John’s aunt and so grateful that his story has touched so many lives. Please continue to share this as we need vital support to maintain the orphanage. We miss him daily, but know that his wish is now a reality — and we are so grateful for all the support.

    Thanks again, and Merry Christmas

  2. hi Sherrie,

    It’s great that you found this and I’m so glad you drooped a note. As I mentioned, I just read about John for the first time in yesterday’s Tennessean. It seems like for every turkey in this life there’s a balance ; a selfless hero, someone with great vision, someone who passionately believes in God, and who loves his fellow man. Sounds like John was all of these and more.
    What an awesome story. I will link his website.
    My sympathy goes to you and all of John’s friends and family.


  3. he is such a great person, i was in john’s class freshman year and he meant the world to me… i thank everyone for the support and love we all have for him<3

  4. thanks for replying Kayla. Thanks also for reminding me about this post. I would love to maybe get involved some with supporting the orphanage howeever I can.
    God bless you.

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