Overflowing with Joy (Surprised by Joy)


I was reading in the Word the other day in Romans that as  a christian I should be overflowing with joy. When I read it, it was like I’d never seen that before. Just thinking about it made me overflow with joy!! I mean I was pumped, and fired up, just thinking about the fact that our God really wants us to be like that, to be happy, really happy. Not what the world thinks, that we’re all about taking all the fun out of life, because we don’t do a few things that they think makes a person happy, like having sex with everybody, getting drunk and wasted and such, and partying like it’s 1999.

But then practice stopped and the game started. About 2 hours after my ecstatic experience, Kellye and I had a little misunderstanding. Immediately all my big reservoir of joy was suddenly empty, bone dry, and I was filled to overflowing with anger, grouchiness, and sullenness. Wow. How could I have lost my joy THAT QUICK!?

But after a lot of thought, I’ve decided (tell me what you think) at least 3 things: 1) It’s kind of like the guys in the X games that soar way up in the air turning flips, doing handstands, and actually letting go of their motorcycles while in the air. I bet it took many years of doing this, starting on little bitty jumps, just a few feet in the air  before they got to where they are doing it on ESPN, way, way up in the air. I think this overflowing with joy thing is going to take a whole lot of practice. 2) Our adversary and enemy definitely does not want us to live this way and we can count on him continuously throwing custom-made deterrents to our development and enjoyment of this joy that comes from God. Check out Galatians for the fruits of the Spirit. 3) We should get angry at a lot of things like mistreatment and abuse of others and ourselves, suffering, things like that. But I think probably about 90 % of the things I get mad at, I shouldn’t. That also goes for about 90% of the things that make me grouchy, vengeful, and hateful. You know, things like: not getting enough sleep, low blood sugar, somebody being annoying, etc, etc. 4) That being said, we have to deal with all sorts of situations and people. Sometime we have to be tough, have tough love for people, get fired up, tell people like it is, things like that. How do we deal with all these things successfully and still have this joy?


Note-Surprised by Joy is the auto-biography of CS Lewis.


2 Responses to “Overflowing with Joy (Surprised by Joy)”

  1. Schmoffly Says:

    I have told you time and time again that eating all of the food is going to make Kellye mad…you just wouldn’t listen.

    4) Something that helps me a lot is too surround myself with positive, joyful people as much as possible. That attitude, like any other, tends to rub off on people. One of my roommates was so positive that we challenged him to find something positive about prostitution. His reply? “Hey, at least they are working hard to make a living.” Of course, he was just kidding, but it is a good example of the attitude he has about life. Hanging out with him always puts me in a joyful mood. One of my goals is for someone to say that about me.

    Plus, being in a joyful mood makes us more willing to talk about Jesus to others. Being in that good mood while talking to others about Jesus miiiiiight just make them stop and think, “Maybe there is something different about Christians…”

    5) You have two number threes (3).

  2. Yeah. We’ve been together for close to 30 years and my eating habits are new every morning to her. 🙂
    Great advice. I know how important that is in other areas of life. I’m looking for someone a little older than me to train with that’s just as muscular but more fit and cut to motivate me in the latter two areas and not neglecting the former. And so it is with attitude.
    Wow. Being a christian and having a sorry attitude, poor work ethic, shady morals, dirty mouth,etc., is probably the BEST way to drive people further from God. Great additions!

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