happythanksgivingI’m thankful for:

  • People who have sacrificed EVERYTHING: time with their families, their bodies, and their very lives for our freedom.
  • My family. Kellye, Raleigh and Jordy, who put up with me, love me and make me feel important and loved.
  • My mom, Vickie and Leighanne and their awesome families, Marie, James, Gaye, and Taraleigh, and Larry and Carol’s family.
  • Leroy and Larry, my Dad and brother.They are waiting in heaven for us.
  • My Christian family: Bethel members, all true believers and those everywhere who love the Lord, and Christian writers and musicians who dedicate their work to the Lord. The Shepherds at Bethel and every leader worldwide who work selflessly, often without acclaim, in the name of the Lord. Your reward will indeed be great!
  • People way better than me who live their lives trying to help, heal, rescue, protect and rehabilitate others.
  • My Friends. All who have over the years helped me to grow, fix my cars and fix my houses. Who I’ve had TOO MUCH fun with, worked out with, ate with, maybe even fought and argued with, laughed HARD with, watched games and movies with, and played games with. Who’ve given me wonderful, and priceless ( in my reckoning) gifts. Who’ve let me borrow stuff. Those who’ve I’ve sang with, cried with, and worshiped with. Those who had the guts to tell me what I needed to hear. Those who’ve pushed me, and gave me good advice and those who simply tried. Those I’ve shared incredible moments with. Those who look into my eyes with love whenever they greet me. Who greet me with a big ole hug (except those who are way taller than me and smoosh my face in their armpit-like I do half the smaller people that I hug) Those who’ve fed me for years at their houses and who I owe big-time. Those who love me in spite of me.
  • Sushi Bars, Squat Racks. Pullup Bars.Protein Bars. Strip bars (haha-just kidding) All gyms and fitness centers. Hard, Reggae, Praise, and all good music. GOD’S WORD. Good Books. Espresso, french presses, and good coffee. All coffee shops. Football. Basketball. X Games. The Tour De France.(YEAH) THE USA. Cool tile. Cracker Barrel breakfast. RuSans lunch buffet. Some kind of coffee product and some kind of protein bar (or in a pinch,just something sweet) for afternoon snack. Carrabbas dinner. 1/2 Lb of Turkey & Raisin Bran snack before bed. SNL reruns. Great singing at Madison Cof C. Fall in Tennessee. Sunrises and sunsets: The Lord’s daily painting. Good people. Kind people. People who don’t complain, gripe, or think they’re owed anything. People who like to try new stuff. People who aren’t scared. Those who dedicate their lives to teaching and helping the children of the world. Little chocolate doughnuts.

3 Responses to “Thanksgiving”

  1. Donna Moffitt Says:

    You are a very good and nice man, Donnie McCool! Happy Thanksgiving to you all. We love you.

  2. I want to know who you hug that is so much taller than you that your head goes in their armpit. I’m guessing they got to be at least 6′ 8″. You been hugging Ryan Daniels lately?

    I too am thankful for little chocolate donuts and the Country Boy Breakfast that Ross orders a la carte.

  3. donnie McCool Says:

    Donna, I consider you, Steve and the boys as one of the most precious of any friendships in our life. Selfishly speaking, here’s to your house not selling and ya’ll moving back up here!!!!!

    It hasn’t happened much but it’s very humbling.
    Here’s to Rosshoss being so successful in life that he can ALWAYS order a la carte.

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