As someone I know said about learning to like reggae,”I want some musical culture” (my son Raleigh at a young age), and as another young friend Rosshoss stuck his head up over the top of the back seat and sleepily said as we were barreling down I-10 at midnight after a FSU game, I having turned up my reggae-mix as loud as the Nissan Quest factory CD system would go in order to stay awake,”Mr Donnie,could you please turn that POLKA down!!”

Well ,it’s not Polka but it does have culture. I’ve been in love with reggae since I was 17 years old, when  my brother in law Elton and I were jammin on Bob Marley and Burning Spear while everybody else was saying ” turn that awful stuff off and put some Grand Funk Railroad on!!”

Reggae isn’t refined. It’s usually made by totally uneducated people living in the ghettos of Jamaica under the influence of about 2 daily lbs of ganja. But it’s real, it’s got a sick bass bottom, a killer off-beat drum rhythm ( try beating the time on your dashboard- you gotta hit on the UP Beat, not the down, like our music) and most of the time it’s got a great message about love and peace, and God.

I came to the Lord through the influence of reggae. I started liking it,bought a couple of albums and started reading the  scriptures (old testament) on their album covers ( not cds,they weren’t created yet) and in their liner notes.Because of that I started reading the bible and the rest is history.Never doubt the power of the Word, even when it’s used wrongly it can do great things.

After listening to the same stuff for several years I figured there had to be a lot more out there. So for the last year or two, I’ve been scouring the best of Reggae lists on the Internet, sampling them on ITunes, and downloading them. Well, for sure there is a lot more good stuff out there.

So, if you’ve ever thought of buying a reggae cd but wasn’t sure what to get, or if you kind of like it already, this is a nice start. It’s a little Bob Marley and the Wailers heavy but hey, they were (and are) the best.


Bob Marley and the Wailers

Could You be loved (prob my favorite,check out his son’s version on YouTube)

Slave Driver

Rastaman Chant

Bend Down Low

African Herbsman

Natural Mystic

Trenchtown Rock

Concrete Jungle(good story on the killer guitar solo)

Positive Vibration

Them Belly Full but We Hungry

Bad Card

Roots Rock Reggae

Zion Train

Redemption Song

Damiam Jr Gong Marley

Kingston 12

Me name Jr Gong

Welcome  to Jamrock


And You be Loved

Ziggy Marley

Conscious Party

Look Who’s Dancing

Stephen Marley

Lonely Avenue

Toots and the Maytals

Redemption Song ( awesome song about loving the Lord)

Take me home Country Road ( yep,that’s right, old John Denver remake)

Burning Spear

Marcus Garvey

The Ethiopians


Augusto Pablo

East of the River Nile

The Gladiators


Johnny Clarke None shall escape the judgement

The Melodians

Rivers of Babylon (Right out of Isaiah)

Peter Tosh

Downpressor Man



2 Responses to “Culture”

  1. Man, I will definitely check this out! I am always in the mood for some good music!

  2. iBoosh (Elton) Says:

    I remember it well my cool brother. In fact, Vicki is still saying “cut that awful mess off” …. just kidding. You have always been a great source for great music. Better yet, a source of great friendship that transcends the familial.

    “Rastaman vibration yeah … POSITIVE!”

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