Favorite movies & Baddest Movie Cars


This is my list from RossHoss’s blog. Just something to break the ice….

Minority Report and Collateral Cruise is a nut-case in real life but a great actor. Like the Bourne movies, I can watch either of these over and over and always be happy doing it. Collateral also features Jamie Foxx and Jada Pinket Smith.

Blade I’m definitely not a horror-movie fan but I love this one. Features good-guy, vampire-himself. vampire killer, muscled up, ripped Wesley Snipes in sweet, cool shades driving a bare-bones sweet, also muscled-up 1968 Dodge Charger (shown above, but shiny black not flat like Blade’s).

From Dusk till Dawn Cult classic, classic Tarintino movie that morphs into something else entirely. Crazy, crazy. Lots of laughs too. A definite hit for the Sunday night, after church, Deacons movie night. Warning on the language though.

Mongol Brand new, just out on DVD, story of the life of Genghis Khan. Beautifully shot, acted, and scripted. Great story of loyalty, and love of clan and family. War scenes are very brutal, can be slow at times and in sub-titles, but I still recommend highly.

The first two Bourne ’s. Skip the 3rd one: Bourne Ultimatum which is just a re-run of all the coolest stuff in the first two. But those are awesome.Identity is prob my favorite all time movie ever.

The first two Matrix movies. Again, if you haven’t seen the last and 3rd one, skip it. It’s beyond horrible. The first two though, are beyond awesome.

Mask, Ace Ventura Pet Detective and When Nature Calls. My George of the Jungles. Jim Carrey can get on your nerves after a while but I can watch these anytime.

Talledega Nights I pretty much hate Will Ferrell movies but this one is just so dad-gummed FUNNY. Witness the ” saying grace scene” :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuAUI_0knfk

Frequency A good, macho, thriller, great story, tear-jerker. Something for everybody.

Troy Almost as good as Gladiator. Not quite, but not far.

My Cousin Vinny One of those few movies that I probably know just about every line by heart (only other two-Oh Brother Where Art Thou, and Tombstone) Get the Wal Mart version or a similarly edited version though, the language is surprisingly rough.


11 Responses to “Favorite movies & Baddest Movie Cars”

  1. Welcome to the club! I will be looking forward to reading your stuff!

  2. Have you seen the Underworld series? Definitely need to check it out. Think Blade but with cooler weapons and Kate Beckinsale to boot. Plus werewolves. Check them out. Rated R but very minimal cussing (maybe 2-4 for each) and a risque scene in the 2nd one but nothing shows, and lots and lots and lots of fighting.

  3. CB(Chris Browning) Says:

    How can you have a favorite’s list and not have “300” on there? And where is “Tombstone”? and “HEAT”? And you call yourself a fan of the Day Walker, but you accuse him of driving a GTO? It was a 1970 Charger, MOPAR baby!
    I’ll put this on my favorites and drop in from time to time. I just got back from some high desert training outside of Salt Lake City. I spent two nights out under the full moon, it was beautiful, I highly recommend getting outside and sleeping under the stars if you haven’t done it in awhile.
    Stay Cool McCool

  4. if you link me i will link you… I really like Tombstone. I gave it honorable mention in my mind on my blog…

  5. All Right! My first visitors!!!!Welcome my friends!!

    CB Baby!! How could I leave off 300 and Tombstone?? I have no excuse. Please delete 2 of the comedies and insert these 2 HEAVYWEIGHTS. Heat had one of the top 5 all-time bank robbery scenes ever but overall didn’t blow me away. I’ve seen bits and pieces of Underworld but never the whole thing and none of II. I’ll def check them out. Beckinsale is def a plus for any movie.She doesn’t hurt Van Helsing either which could’ve made my top 10 too I think.
    That would be a good list: top 10 coolest movie cars. Here’s two: Blade’s bad-boy Dodge Charger (GTO def isn’t a slam is it C ?) and
    Jada Pinkett Smith’s smokin hot , stripped down, also black 67 ‘ Firebird in Matrix Reloaded (I’ve got my sights on getting one of these when I hit the middle age crisis in about 30 years)

    I’ve been thinking about sleeping under the starts for awhile C baby. I’m in!

    Rosshoss! It would be a pleasure to link with you.

  6. In XXX Vin Diesel drives a 1967 GTO around. It was tinkered with pretty heavily and made me want to go finance one instead of paying rent

  7. FatbackSlim Says:

    My cool movie car is Sly Stallone’s Mercury in the movie Cobra.

  8. For the uninitiated, how bout this one: Maybe the most famous and classic of all movie car chase scenes. In the 1968 movie Bullitt starring Steve Mcqueen, this scene features a 1968 Mustang GT390 Fastback chasing some bad guys in a equally muscled-up Charger R/T. Totally unlike today’s glitzy stunt- filled chases that cost millions of dollars, with crazy camera angles,and heart-pounding music soundtracks, this chase is just pure, great driving with the only sounds being the squealing of tires and those big, massive. 390 cubic inch engines hammering thru the gears. Getcha some: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKg27i5Y3T4

  9. Donna Moffitt Says:

    Maybe Kellye and I could pair up and write a blog about chick flicks, the 1968 Elvis Comeback Special and things such as that. What do you say, Kellye?

  10. donnie McCool Says:

    Donna, I’ll get with her on that but you guys are welcome to do that here on mccoolio blog because I’m an Equal Opportunity Host. Also, I’m secure enough in my manhood to have such a thing here. donnie

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